Mary Elizabeth Jackson is the award-winning author of the Inspired Kid children's book series. The third book available from 2020 is "The Wonder of Me". Jackson focuses on writing empowering books for kids. She has a mid-grade reader coming out late 2020 with co-writer Thornton Cline called "Cheers from Heaven".

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Perfectly Me
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Look At Me
The Wonder of Me

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Look at Me

Written by Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Thornton Cline and Illustrated by Alice Antimie

In the second book of the award-winning series, the inspired kid journeys through the wonders and adventures of Toddlerhood. See through his curious eyes and experience a world full of "can dos" and "not sure of." Always on the move, he discovers all that a toddler is capable of doing, and that Mommy believes he is perfectly made no matter what may come. Recommended for ages zero through four. he is every child.

Look At Me (Paperback)